April 07, 2011

Love Story :))

i know n u know tat i love u . chocolate fills my heart . in the morning , i opened my eyes n realised that i'm still alive n i dunno what r u doing . i hope tat u always in my heart 4ever . at 1st , i was wondering u r beside me looking at me, smiling with no reason . its like i lost my blood because i cutted my hand with knife with the reason of i miss u . 
yesterday night i dream tat , it was a cold night yet the innummerable stars in the heaven together with the shinning silver moon brought strange warmth to me as me floats on the clammy waters tat fill the sad pool that once held witness to passion n love . i never really expected all of this turn out this way . at the moment , all that i could do was to gaze upon the the stars (though it seems that in time this would turn out differently)
n as soon as my vision started to turn feeble and the night is now being clouded by an unknown mist , and tat her eyes were soon no longer mine but of death , though i've thought of it foolish to happen , a ray of light , as coming from the moon , shone on me . suddenly , i found a right guy that cares , loves me . my heart opened by god tat u r the choosen one . ILOVEYOUDEARSYAFICKQUFAUZAN ~!