April 09, 2011

Always you and I :)

Its only me and u baby against the whole world
I promise u that youre my one and only boy
Its always you and I it you're my favorite dime
Dont worry about a thing ill love u till the end of time
dont listen to the people that always be hating
they just trippin and slippin so they must be mistaken
if they dont believe it I aint gon keep them waitin
show them that its our good love in the makin
this feeling that I get baby please dont leave my heart and soul
better believe it cuz you're the one that makes me whole .

you and i together it just feels so right
i usually smile at times when i, have u upon my mind..
You and i together and the mornings sunrise...
Though you gotta say goodbye
dont u worry boy, its always u and i.