April 08, 2011

A song for Syafick Qufauzan :))

Baby boy ever since we met, im living my life to the fullest no regrets
you got me smilin every way with your text,
we could go far tell me whats next
i never thought ill find someone like you
someone who could understand the pain that i been through
we're the perfect two, its just me and you
this feeling got my heart feeling so true

twinkle twinkle little star
you are my shooting star
you're my nightstar, you're my burning star
no matter how far you are you're my one and only shooting star.

boy distance cant kill us cuz we got this connection
just hold on tight to me and i'll be your protection
you're on the right road just keep going that direction
youre on the right road just keep going that way
everyday when i wake up its you always first on my mind
everytime we talk, laugh, smile its worth every sec of my time
if i miss you press replay, done watchin then press rewind
just wanna say, everyday, im lovin you oh please be mine

my shooting star, my shooting star
my shooting star, yeah yeah..